Solar PV Suitability

Solar PV for my Home

The majority of UK homes are suitable for a Solar PV installation. All you need is an un-shaded roof space that faces within 90 degrees of south. To check your home is suitable we offer a site survey, free of charge to all of our customers. During the survey we take measurements, check the roof structure and inspect the electrics to ensure everything is suitable for your Solar PV installation.

There are several ways a Solar PV system can be installed on your home. The options available include:

  • On-roof
  • In-Roof
  • Solar tiles
  • Flat-roof mounted
  • Ground mounted


As Solar PV systems generate power using light from the sun, the performance of the system can be effected by the amount of light the photovoltaic cells receive. Shading across PV panels will naturally prevent some light reaching the PV cells. Even though panels have by-pass diodes fitted within them to minimise the effect of shading, a shaded panel can still mean that the output of the whole system is reduced.