Photovoltaic Installation/asbestos

We have only fully trained and highly capable professionals working for ECONERGY EUROPE, and we are proud of our quality and workmanship. Our specialist PV installers are fully asbestos trained, enabling them to install solar panels to any roof structure containing asbestos and work within asbestos environments.

Our standard of fitter cover all aspects of the work required with Photovoltaic Panel Installation, and the actual commissioning of the installation itself.

As a reference to some of the qualifications we are certified see below:

Mandatory Units (All units must be taken)

  • PV1 Maintain Health and Safety in the Photovoltaic Panel Installation Working Environment Level 2 5 Credit
  • AG3 Communicate and work with others Level 2 3 Credit
  • PV5 Locate, test, handle and position Photovoltaic Panels prior to installation Level 3 6 Credit
  • PV10 Confirm PV Panel Installation Requirements Level 2 3 Credit
  • PV9 Understanding the procedure to follow after the discovery of materials containing asbestos cement during the PV Panel Installation Process Level 2 2 Credit
  • PV3 Use Access Equipment to Work at Heights Level 2 4 Credit
  • PV2 Knowledge of Photovoltaic systems Level 3 6 Credit
  • PV7 Prepare the structure for Photovoltaic Panel Installation (New Build) Level 2 3 Credit
  • PV8 Prepare the structure for Photovoltaic Panel Installation (Existing Structure) Level 2 5 Credit
  • PV11 Fix photovoltaic panels into a roof structure Level 3 8 Credit
  • PV12 Fix photovoltaic panels onto a roof structure Level 2 8 Credit
  • PV13 Fix photovoltaic panels onto a none-roof structure Level 2 6 Credit
  • PV4 Post Photovoltaic Installation Activities Level 2 3 Credit
  • PV14 Ensure the glass related installation is completed safely and handed over to the customer Level 3 5 Credit