50kw Ground-mounted Dual Tracker Installation

Our recent successful installation of the UK’s first and only set of Deger 9000 NT dual-tracking systems has placed us as the leading specialists in ground-mounted dual tracker systems. 


Econergy Europe Ltd have installed the UK’s first and only set of Deger 9000 NT dual-tracking systems. The near 50kw installation has taken place at PX Farms Ltd, Scotland Farm in Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire to generate electricity to power a very large grain store, and consists of five Deger Trackers with an output of nearly 10kw each. The project was overseen by farm advisor, Lindsay Hargreaves.

These tracker systems can make good use of less productive areas, or land that is used  by grazing stock. The tracking system maximises the solar panels ability to convert sunlight into electricity. The panels are mounted on a frame which will automatically track the sun all year round, capturing much more of the solar energy available. The electricity produced will be used by the farm to reduce its energy costs, gain a new revenue stream and lessen its carbon foot print whilst protecting itself against future energy price increases. Any unused electricity generated can also be sold back into the national grid. Solar PV offers guaranteed payments for 20 years via the “Feed In Tariff” (FIT), a fully supported government initiative.

Econergy Europe Ltd is based in Easton, Cambridgeshire and has been developed from a long history of commercial electrical contracting. Technical director, David Cole, commented: “This was an extremely interesting technical project, as the systems we have used are at the forefront of exciting new technology. It has created a buzz in the Solar PV and agricultural community, and has opened up many exciting new projects for us! We are finding that more and more farmers and land owners are contacting us with an interest in Solar trackers, and are excited about the benefits these systems offer. We have many projects in the pipeline similar to the installation at Dry Drayton and look forward to helping even more customers save money on their energy bills, reduce their carbon footprint and benefit from the Feed In Tariff”. 

Robin Purser, Managing Director of Econergy Europe Ltd, commented “We are proud to have supplied James Peck of PX Farms Ltd with a turnkey project, from assisting with planning and design, through to implementation and installation, all of which was completed on time, and most importantly, on budget. The electricity generated will either be used on site, and whatever is left over will be fed back to the grid at a profit. James can expect a return on his investment within just 10 years!”

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