In the spotlight: Econergy feature on ITV local news 18/07/2011

As featured on ITV local news 6pm 18/07/2011.


Econergy are proud to announce the successful installation of the UK’s first and only set of multiple dual-tracking systems, The 50kw installation has taken place at PX Farms Ltd, Scotland Farm in Dry Drayton, Cambridgeshire to generate electricity to power grain stores, and consists of a set of five 9000NT Degar Trackers (the first set of multiple trackers to be used in the UK), with an output of 10kw each. The project was overseen by farm advisor, Lindsay Hargreaves.

These tracker systems can make good use of land used by grazing stock, converting sunlight into electricity. The panels are mounted on a frame which will track the sun all year round, capturing all of the solar energy available, and producing electricity which can be used by the owner to reduce their energy costs and carbon foot print. The electricity generated can also be sold back into the national grid as Solar PV offers guaranteed payments for 25 years via the “Feed In Tariff” (FIT), a fully supported government initiative.