Commercial PV

Our Offering

Having specialist expertise within the farming and agricultural market sectors, Econergy Europe is well equipped and very experienced in installing solar PV systems on land, buildings or structures of any shape and size. We aim to get the best out of your estate and strive to use the space wisely and efficiently.

Roof Mounted vs Ground Mounted

Roof Mounted

Roof mounted solar PV installations require the lowest initial investment, and planning is perceived to be easier than ground ƒmounted systems. These installtions use the existing roof space,and so no additionl ground space is required. However, the roof structure does needs to be strong enough to take the weights of the system, and snow and wind forces have to be taken into consideration.

Ground Mounted


Ground mounted (static) systems require a higher initial investment than roof mounted systems, however you will gain an increase on yield compared to roof mounted systems (with a roof pitch of less than 30 degrees). The panels can be mounted at the optimum angle for capturing all of the solar energy available, and allow easy access for maintenance and cleaning.

Dual Axis Tracking Systems

Dual axis tracking systems maximises the solar panels ability to convert sunlight into electricity. The panels are mounted on a frame which will automatically track the sun all year round, capturing much more of the solar energy available. Although dual axis systems require the highest initial investment compared to roof mounted and ground mounted (static), the increase in yield vs. roof mounted is 36%.These tracker systems can make good use of less productive areas, or land that is used by grazing stock and offer less security risk than ground mounted systems as the panels are mounted at a greater height.

Whichever system you choose, the electricity produced can be used to reduce your energy costs, gain a new revenue stream and lessen your carbon footprint whilst protecting yourself against future energy price increases.

We personalise our service dependent on client’s needs. If want to know what ECONERGY EUROPE and solar can do for you, please call us on 01480 890652 to arrange a free, no obligation site visit to assess your individul needs. We personalise our service to deliver exactly what you need from planning, system design, to installation and ongoing system monitoring and maintenance.