Biomass Heating

Benefitting from biomass heating:

  • You will have a warm house, office, school, workshop, stables or factory. Or even a number of heated houses on one system. Any size is available.
  • You will invest in an efficient wood gasification heating system with a life time of well over 20 years.
  • You will reduce your fuel costs: Gas – 15%, Oil – 40%; LPG – 45%; Electricity (E7) – 45%, Electricity -70% - at the current rate
  • You will be compensated for your investment by the RHI (domestic or commercial). Repayment within 4 – 6 years. 
  • You will be compensated well over the investment value. The RHI for domestic runs for 7 years and the commercial for 20 years!
  • You will be using renewable – C02 friendly – heating material.

By sourcing a biomass boiler from Econergy Europe Ltd:

  • You will engage an experienced partner of ETA biomass boilers.
  • You will receive a free survey on your heating requirements including a feasibility study for a biomass boiler.
  • You will receive an estimated cost for installation and running costs of a biomass boiler.
  • You will receive a statement on estimated benefits: RHI income and fuel savings.

Reaping the benefits of the RHI on biomass boilers - examples:

Domestic installation with a 30kW biomass boiler at a cost of £20,000.

  • Fuel: LPG replaced by wood pellets
  • Fuel savings over 7 years: £4,900.00
  • RHI income over 7 years: £37,000.00
  • Investment full installation: £20,000.00
  • Pellet fuel: £13,000.00 
  • Total of +£8,900 and no heating costs for 7 years!

Commercial installation (district heating) with a 200kW at a cost of £100,000

  • Fuel: Mains gas replaced by wood chip
  • Savings over 20 years: £255,000.00
  • RHI income over 20 years: £530,000.00
  • Investment full installation: £100,000.00
  • Wood chip fuel: £270,000.00
  • Total of +£415,000.00 and no heating costs for 20 years!

These number are valid during the last quarter of 2014 und do exclude maintenance cost.
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