Asbestos Services

Econergy Europe can provide qualified electricians and plumbers trained to work within an Asbestos enclosure. We can also provide CCTV systems for within an enclosure giving full remote monitoring of any site or working area.

The use of Asbestos in the UK has been banned since 2000 but is still seen in many places throughout a building that was built before this time. Asbestos can be found in many places, some of which are detailed below.

  • Floor Tiles
  • Textured Coatings
  • Sprayed Insulation
  • Bitumen Felts
  • Mastics and Sealants
  • Reinforced Plastics
  • Insulation Boards
  • Pipe & Boiler Lagging

Before work is carried out on a material suspected to contain Asbestos Econergy Europe will have a small sample of the material tested and will then advise on the correct precautions that should be taken.