About Econergy Europe

We are a Cambridgeshire based operation serving the whole UK. We have had many previous years in the Farming and Agricultural community and the founder of the business Robin Purser, was a farmer himself. Econergy Europe has developed from a long history of commercial electrical contracting.

We specialise in agriculture with our core customers being farmers and land owners.

Specialist Skills

Specialists in Solar PV installations for agriculture and energy conservation, we are dedicated to the reduction of all our customers’ energy overheads whilst protecting their profits.

All our products and services focus on these objectives, making us a true specialist in our field. Earn money from your buildings for many years to come!

Our MCS status allows all our customers to benefit from the ‘Feed in Tariff’ financial incentives (otherwise known as the ‘Clean Energy Cashback Scheme’) as it is mandatory for Solar PV systems to be installed and commissioned by MCS accredited installers in order to qualify for these benefits.

MCS Accredited

We are fully accredited under the government’s Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) for the design, installation and commissioning of Solar PV systems. In successfully attaining the relevant standards of the MCS we have been assessed on areas such as competence of staff, system design and installation, documentation and quality management. Inspections of our office procedures and Solar PV workmanship have taken place, and further inspections will continue in order for us to maintain our accreditation.

Consumer Protection

As a member of the REAL Assurance Scheme, we have agreed to abide by the REAL Assurance Scheme Consumer Code. It covers all the factors that contribute to a high standard of consumer service, before, during and after a contract is agreed.

These include:

  • Clear information on the systems planned and their performance
  • Acceptable sales and marketing techniques
  • Arrangements for installing and connecting the system
  • The selection and quality of goods supplied
  • Details of the conditions of business that apply the standard of any installation and other on-site work

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